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Registration Instructions, Rules and Regulations

Please read all instructions carefully!

Registration Information

As you register your child, please remember that LEAYSA Soccer is a volunteer-based organization. Therefore, please consider volunteering your time to coach. While we strive to place every child that registers on a team, we can not guarantee they will play unless a parent volunteers to coach. Therefore, Please note that teams without a coach will be dismantled. 

Coaches: We decided not to do a discount voucher this season. Instead, All head coaches will be receiving a gift card at the coaches' meeting. All coaches must register and complete the mandatory background check
Reminder, you will have two options when registering your player:
1. Player Pool - New players or returning players who wish to change teams (In player's calendar age division)

2. Same Team - Players who wish to return to their team immediately preceding soccer season. (with parent's consent if playing up a division).

Refund Policy


(Do not register until you know you want to play) 

We encourage parents to volunteer to coach their teams; if the association does not have a team coach, LEAYSA will NOT GRANT any REFUNDS for teams that do not have a volunteer coach. 

Team Formation Procedures

The LEAYSA SOCCER Board of Directors WILL consider special requests. Teams will be formed based on age and geographical “school” area if at all possible. Players are placed on teams after the completion of registration. There are three steps in the player placement process:



Registration Frequently asked questions

Q&A#1: What age division does my child play in? Is my child old enough to play soccer?

Please see the AGE chart in the Files and Forms section of the website.

Q&A#2: How much is registration? 

U4 to U8 is $110 /  U9 to U10 is $120/ U11 to U12 is $125 and U13 and up is $135. Note: This may be subject to change. 

Q&A#3: When does the season start?

The Spring season begins in early February, and Fall starts in late August.

Q&A#4: Will my child receive a uniform?

All players receive a new uniform in the Fall (jersey, shorts & socks). New players registering in the spring will receive a uniform for the team they were drafted to. (returning players to spring season do not receive a second uniform - uniforms are issued for the entire soccer year)

Q&A#4: Where can I learn more about the recent changes implemented by US Soccer around field/team size and age divisions?

Small-Sided Games FAQ: [Download PDF]

Small-Sides Games USSF Standards Chart: [Download PDF]

LEAYSA SOCCER cannot guarantee a spot on a team during Late Registration or Waitlist registration (no fees are accepted until the player is placed on a roster during Waitlist Registration).


Registration fees not paid in full before team formation will result in the player being removed from their team or not placed on a team.

Team Formation Procedures

The LEAYSA SOCCER Board of Directors WILL consider special requests.  Teams will be formed based on age and geographical “school” area if at all possible.  Players are placed on teams after the completion of registration.  There are three steps in the player placement process:

Play Up

Players may only play up a maximum of one year once they qualify for the minimum age to play soccer. You will need to complete a play-up form and email it to the LEAYSA Soccer secretary ( at the time of registration. Please register your child in the age group that you are requesting that they play in.

New Players

New players may register online or at on-site registration. A copy of your child’s official, government-issued birth certificate (not hospital certificate) must be emailed or mailed to LEAYSA SOCCER at PO BOX 103, LITTLE ELM, TX 75068. All birth certificates are no later than creating an official team roster for the player to participate.

Under 4 through Under 8 players may request to play with a friend if they have never registered with an association.

No Under 9 and above players can request a specific player or team and will automatically be placed into the blind player draw (except if the player has never registered with an association before).

No exceptions!

Placement takes place immediately after the registration deadline

Players will be placed on teams through a selection committee led by their respective boys or girls commissioner (includes new players and players requesting a new team).

The number of open spots on existing teams and the number of new teams formed affect team placement.


Returning Players

A birth certificate is not necessary for returning players unless you have been contacted by your coach or board member that LEAYSA SOCCER needs one.

Returning players get priority to their respective teams (unless registration is “late”). 

They can return to the team they played with the previous season or can go back into the player pool

Returning Players to the Player Pool

Any returning player that does not want to return to their team from the fall season may request to be placed in the player pool for their age group. You will need to register to your age group and select the option for player pool.


Academy Players: Academy players must complete an ACADEMY registration form. Please select the Academy Players Requiring Home Association Registration link on the registration links page. This will be queued and approved electronically. If it has been a couple of weeks without approval, please send an email to There will be a non-refundable charge of $25.00. 

Special Requests

Under 4 through Under 8 players may request to play with a friend if they have never registered with an association. Special requests will only be accepted from a parent and must be in writing and received by the registration deadline. The request will be reviewed by the LEAYSA SOCCER Board of Directors. 

No carpooling, specific coach or team will be considered. All Special Requests must be sent via email to either or 



Where to register Links

Please click on the appropriate registration link below on the registration links page.  You will be taken to our registration page.  Please follow the instructions online to register.  If you do not have access to a computer you may register at an on-site date 

Proper payment - Please see the player's age group fee schedule. From home - register online and pay by credit card. ON-SITE – On-site registrations will be held as needed and will be posted on the calendar of events on the main page as well as on Facebook at
No credit cards will be accepted during on-site registration.

Click here to find my player Age Group based on Birth Year? 

Registration Links

Player Registration CLOSED CLICK HERE
Academy Players Requiring Home Association Registration OPEN CLICK HERE
Coach and Team Manager Registration OPEN CLICK HERE